Excalibur International

Since 1988,  Excalibur International began by fulfilling the complex requirements of the film industry. Over the years we began to handle time-sensitive material for clients throughout the fast-moving world of advertising, news, photography and music. 

Whether the challenge is the simultaneous release of a new film, cd or dvd on a worldwide basis, or the meeting of a critical media deadline Excalibur can provide premium services to meet your deadline. 

We understand the last-minute nature of the communications business, particularly when it comes to winning new accounts in an advertising ‘pitch’, delivering essential materials to a film/video location or successfully exploiting a photographic coup. 

Our staff’s in-depth knowledge of routing options, flight schedules, customs procedures and regulatory requirements enables them to propose the optimum itinerary giving personal attention to every detail. 

The tradition of our business are flexibility and personal service. You can put your trust in our reputation for integrity, efficiency and dependable service, no matter how stringent your requirements may be.

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Since 1988 Excalibur International has taken on the challenges of becoming an industry leader in freight forwarding and logistics.

We pride ourselves with our success in supporting many different industries including film, art, advertising, photography, music, etc.